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Process and Timeline

The Collaborative will follow an 18- month process beginning in October 2018, proceeding in two overlapping phases.   The first phase, from October 2018-June 2019 will focus on making recommendations to protect the Great Lakes. The second phase, beginning in April 2019 through to January 2020, will focus on making recommendations to protect the St. Lawrence River. The remaining two months, February-March 2020, will involve finalizing an integrated report with recommendations on both the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence, to be presented to federal Environment and Climate Change minister Catherine McKenna, and the Governments of Quebec and Ontario.

The Collaborative process will be presided over by an Expert Panel, to  be co-chaired by two former provincial environmental commissioners of Ontario and Quebec respectively, Mr. Gord Miller and M. Jean-Cinq Mars. Members of the independent panel will include Indigenous, municipal, private sector, academic and NGO representatives.

Recommendations will be developed for the Panel’s consideration by four issue tables. Issue tables will include, stakeholders representing a cross section of interests, including but not limited to indigenous, industrial, agricultural, maritime, municipal, recreational, fishery and environmental interests, and other academic and scientific experts.

A research team will prepare research papers to inform the discussions of the issue tables.