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Below are examples of work provided by Westbrook Public Affairs.

Great Lakes St. Lawrence Collaborative

Westbrook Public Affairs provides secretariat services for the Great Lakes St. Lawrence Collaborative, including project management, communications, facilitation, event management, stakeholder engagement and report writing services. The GLSLCI Collaborative is a two-year, multi-stakeholder project funded by Environment and Climate Change Canada to develop recommendations on the next generation of Great Lakes and St. Lawrence protection.

“I have worked closely with Nicola as project manager for our multi-year project.  I have seen her demonstrate a talent for complex project management and stakeholder engagement. Her competence at managing communications has also been a huge asset to the Collaborative.” — Gord Miller, co-chair, Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Collaborative, former Ontario Commissioner for the Environment.

An Integrative Narrative  for Growth within a financially sustainable framework

Client: York Region

Through research, interviews and workshops, Westbrook Public Affairs led select members of York Region’s senior management team through a process to identify synergies and differences with respect to land use planning, capital planning and financial planning  for anticipated growth. A consensus integrative narrative was developed that was presented to York Regional Council.

“Thanks to her facilitation skills, Nicola Crawhall of Westbrook Public Affairs  led York Region’s senior management team through a process that was engaging, challenging, and ultimately successful  in bringing planning, public works and finance staff to a common integrated perspective on future growth in the Region.” — Erin Mahoney, Environmental Services Commissioner, Regional Municipality of York

Strengthening Relations between Ontario Public Works Commissioners and the Government of Ontario

Client: Regional Public Works Commissioners of Ontario

Over the course of ten years, Westbrook Public Affairs has provided government relations and policy support to the Regional Public Works Commissioners of Ontario, across a range of infrastructure areas (waste, water and wastewater, transit and transportation). With Westbrook Public Affairs, RPWCO has strengthened its relationship with key senior decision makers in the Ontario Government and established itself as a go-to authority on public works.

‘RPWCO has engaged Westbrook Public Affairs for over a decade to establish and strengthen our relationship with key decision makers in the Ontario and federal governments. With Nicola’s expertise, we have built RPWCO’s reputation amongst senior government officials as a trusted municipal source for expert advice, both formal and informal. This has put RPWCO in a stronger position to influence policy and decisions that directly affect our members, the largest regions and municipalities in Ontario.’ — Mark Winterton, RPWCO Chair and City Engineer, City of Windsor.

A Drainage Strategy to Reduce Phosphorus entering the Thames River


Client: Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative

Westbrook Public Affairs served as project lead for the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative in forging a partnership with the Ontario Federation of Agriculture, and negotiating a strategy to reduce phosphorus loss from agricultural land in the Thames River Basin. As the strategy moves into implementation, Westbrook Public Affairs continues to provide ongoing guidance and advice to the project manager and steering committee.

Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Day on Parliament Hill

Client: Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative

Westbrook Public Affairs organized a legislative day on Parliament Hill for a coalition of organisations, including the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative, the Council of the Great Lakes Region, the Great Lakes Fishery Commission, World Wildlife Fund, the Canadian Environmental Law Association, Freshwater Future, the Alliance for the Great Lakes, Stratégies Saint Laurent, and the Regroupement des Organismes de Bassins Versant du Québec.  The group met with key Ministers, Parliamentary Secretaries and Opposition leaders and members. A reception for MPs and Great Lakes and St. Lawrence advocates featured US Ambassador Bruce Heyman as keynote speaker. See

Aligning Municipal and Provincial Policy and Practices with respect to the Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe (GGH)

Clients: Regional Public Works Commissioners of Ontario (RPWCO), Ontario Regional and Single Tier Treasurers (ORSTT), Regional Planning Commissioners of Ontario (RPCO)

Working with an Expert Panel, including Pamela Blais (Neptis Foundation), Enid Slack (Munk Centre for Municipal Finance and Governance) and Chris Kennedy (University of Toronto Department of Civil Engineering), Westbrook Public Affairs brokered consensus amongst eight regional and single tier municipalities in the GGH on recommendations for the Province’s consideration related to municipal finance, land use planning and public infrastructure with a view to improving implementation of the Growth Plan. See

Great Lakes Day at Queen’s Park

Client: Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative

Westbrook Public Affairs  organized the Cities Initiative’s first legislative  day with the Ontario Government, devoted to Great Lakes issues. Meetings with key cabinet ministers and members of the Opposition were organized for participating mayors and an evening reception was held for mayors to meet and greet MPPs, co-hosted by the Honourable Charles Sousa, Ontario Minister of Finance.