Westbrook Public Affairs provides a range of services to support the work of public sector decision makers and to strengthen collaboration and understanding between and amongst governments.

Services include government relations, policy support, facilitation, and strategic communications.

Government Relations

Influencing public policy and decision making requires an insider’s familiarity of the policy development process, strong relationships with key decision-makers, and a comprehensive understanding of the issues at hand.

Westbrook Public Affairs can help you develop and execute an effective government relations strategy, including crafting your message and position, gaining access to relevant senior government officials, and employing the most effective tactics to reach your desired goals.

Policy Support

Understanding and awareness of new and emerging federal and provincial policies, programs, legislation and regulation can help your organization anticipate and respond to potential impacts.

Westbrook Public Affairs brings extensive experience in public policy research, analysis and development to your organization, with special expertise in the areas of sustainable growth and intensification, environmental services, infrastructure, energy, and climate change.


Well-crafted facilitation can bring people with disparate views to a better understanding of each other’s positions and find common ground on which to build consensus.

Bringing a thorough understanding of the issues and experts to the table, Westbrook Public Affairs can help your organization engage colleagues and stakeholders in a productive conversation that works through contentious issues and allows you to move forward collaboratively.

Strategic Communications

With rapid demographic and technological changes, it is important to use multiple platforms and approaches to reach an increasingly fragmented audience.

Westbrook Public Affairs offers strategic communications advice and services tailored to reach your audience, relying on both conventional media as well as social media engagement.