Westbrook Public Affairs provides a range of services to support the work of public sector decision makers and to strengthen collaboration and understanding between and amongst governments.

Services include government relations, policy support, facilitation, project management, and strategic communications.

Government Relations

Influencing public policy and decision making requires an insider’s familiarity of the policy development process, strong relationships with key decision-makers, and a comprehensive understanding of the issues at hand.

Westbrook Public Affairs can help you develop and execute an effective government relations strategy that helps you define your desired goals and the most effective tactics to reach them, including arranging meetings with elected officials and senior staff, organizing legislative days, and crafting clear and compelling messages and positions on issues of importance to your organisation.

‘RPWCO has engaged Westbrook Public Affairs for over a decade to establish and strengthen our relationship with key decision makers in the Ontario and federal governments. With Nicola’s expertise, we have built RPWCO’s reputation amongst senior government officials as a trusted municipal source for expert advice, both formal and informal. This has put RPWCO in a stronger position to influence policy and decisions that directly affect our members, the largest regions and municipalities in Ontario.’ — Mark Winterton, RPWCO Chair and City Engineer, City of Windsor.

Policy Support

Understanding and awareness of new and emerging federal and provincial policies, programs, legislation and regulation can help your organization anticipate, influence and respond to potential impacts.

Westbrook Public Affairs brings extensive experience in public policy research, analysis and development to your organization, with special expertise in the areas of sustainable growth and intensification, environmental services, infrastructure, water management, and climate change.


Well-crafted facilitation brings people with disparate views to a better understanding of each other’s positions and reach common ground on which to build consensus.

Bringing a thorough understanding of the issues and experts to the table, Westbrook Public Affairs can help your organization engage internal colleagues and/or external stakeholders in a productive conversation that works through contentious issues and allows you to move forward collaboratively.

“Thanks to her facilitation skills, Nicola Crawhall of Westbrook Public Affairs led York Region’s senior management team through a process that was engaging, challenging, and ultimately successful in bringing planning, public works and finance staff to a common integrated perspective on future growth in the Region.” – Erin Mahoney, Environmental Services Commissioner, Regional Municipality of York

Project Management

Organisations with limited capacity turn to Westbrook PA for professional project management, involving complex issues, multiple stakeholders,  and tight budgets and timelines.

“I have worked closely with Nicola as project manager for our multi-year project. I have seen her demonstrate a talent for complex project management and stakeholder engagement. Her competence at managing communications has also been a huge asset to the Collaborative.”    – Gord Miller, co-chair, Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Collaborative, former Ontario Commissioner for the Environment.